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Podcast Show Notes


Wanting to learn more ways to implement God into your everyday? Striving to hear Him more in your life? Then guess what?! You’re in the right place.

Episode 01-Where is our focus?

This episode dives into what we may be doing that pulls our focus in the wrong direction. How we can easily fix it,  and then how we can implement a better intentional focus to not miss what God has for us each day.

Episode 02- 40 days of growth

Listen to this episode to learn why I chose 40 days of straight podcast episodes for you. The significance of the number 40 and how we each have the choice in our own lives to decide whether we want growth for ourselves. 

Episode 03-your spiritual checkup pt. 1

How are you communicating with God? Is it one-sided? Do you stop and listen? How do you hear God? Today’s episode is part one of your spiritual checkup and how communication plays a vital role in your relationship with God.

Episode 04- your spiritual checkup pt. 2

 Today’s episode is part two of your spiritual checkup and how love plays a vital role in your relationship with God. 

Episode 05-your spiritual checkup pt.3

Today’s episode is part three of your spiritual checkup and how service plays a vital role in your relationship with God.

Episode 06- your spiritual checkup pt.4

 Today’s episode is part two of your spiritual checkup and how love plays a vital role in your relationship with God. Love inspires. Love is at the heart of what makes us human, for we are children of God, and “God is love”.


Episode 07-Creating a sanctuary

Today I chat about create a sanctuary in our home and how we can benefit from living in a peaceful environment. I also give you some actions steps you can take to create a space where the spirit can more easily reside which in turn will help you to hear Him more.

Episode 08- How to encounter God's presence

Today I am talking about how we can put ourselves in situations to encounter God’s presence. What that looks like and what we can gain from deep conversations with God in prayer. I share my prayer journey and how I came to know and experience what I call a connection prayer.

Episode 09- Open your heart & mind meditation

Today is a little bit different of an episode- this was is actually a short meditation to help open your heart and mind. It allows you to get centered and find more stillness before entering into prayer and conversation with God.


Episode 10- recognizing god's voice

Answering these questions- do we really know and believe that God can speak to us? How do we recognize God’s voice? How do we know that it’s God speaking to us and not just our own thoughts in our head?

Episode 11- recognizing god's voice pt. 2

We are finishing up this topic of recognizing God’s voice. Today specifically we are diving into how we can know if it is our own voice or God’s that we hear in our thoughts.


Episode 12- Implementing Revelation

This morning we are looking more specifically at the 2nd page of your daily spread in the Hear Him Journal. I wanted to share how I use each of the sections to help me implement my revelation or conversation from God and how you can use these sections as well.

Episode 13- Stopping to listen

Today we are talking about how important it is in our prayers to offer a pause for God where we can stop and listen. This is really when we can receive revelation and hear what God has to say to each one of us.


Episode 14- The power of affirmations

We are talking about all things affirmations today. How I use to be a skeptic, and what experiences I have had that have changed my mind. 

Episode 15- The importance of gratitude

Talking about the importance of adding gratitude to our day and WHY it is so important. 


Episode 16- The gift of Frankincense

In today’s episode we are talking all about Frankincense. Why it is a crucial oil in our connection roller and also the importance why it was a gift given to Christ at His birth. 

Episode 17- A simple reminder

Today’s episode is simply to act as a reminder to you that we have control of how we use our time during the day. We have control over what consumes our thoughts

Episode 18- peace

Peace is one of my favorite topics, so I am glad to be chatting with you about it today. Where is it that we find peace? And how do we find it? Do we all need it and why? These are just a few of the questions that we will be covering in today’s episode.

Episode 19- Protecting your peace

Yesterday’s episode we talked about how and where we find peace. But what’s the next step? Making sure we know how to protect it! We want to be able to enjoy peace everyday all through the day. Today I am giving you 5 steps on how you can protect it for yourself.

Episode 20- Praying in the same place

Over the next few days I will be sharing a few of my favorite devotionals from the book Simple Steps for More Meaningful Prayer. Today we are talking about what benefits we can gain from praying in the same spot each day.


Episode 21- Be attentive and alert

We are jumping into another devotional from the Simple Steps for Meaningful Prayer.  The trouble with most of our prayers is we place it like an order and hang up, instead of meditating, and speaking as if we are actually have a conversation.  

Episode 22- Pray over all things

Another amazing devotional from the book, Simple Steps for More Meaningful Prayer. Today we talk about how the adversary likes to dig into our thoughts. He wants nothing more than for us to doubt what we are asking and talking about with God in our prayers. 

Episode 23- Be specific

We are on our second to last day of devotionals from Simple Steps for More Meaningful Prayer.  Today we talk about why it is so important to be specific in our prayers. The problem with most of us is that we do not ask specifically enough. 


Episode 24- Pray even if you don't want to

Today is the last day of the devotionals from Simple Steps for More Meaningful Prayer. I think we have all been through times in our lives when we don’t feel like praying. Maybe we are feeling too sad, or too mad. But why is it even more important to pray during these times than any other? 

Episode 25- Blessings from prayer

Yesterday we talked about how important it is when you don’t feel like praying and one of those reasons is because we need those blessings that come from prayer. So today let’s dive into those blessings that we can and do receive from prayer.




Episode 26- Interrupted Prayers

Today is all about interrupted prayers, and why they matter. It’s not always about the prayers but more about your intentions. God doesn’t mind an interrupted prayer, He knows you’re putting in the effort and He loves you for it. 

Episode 27- I need thee every hour

I need thee every hour- I have always loved this song, but for some reason one night as I listened to these lyrics they hit me differently. And I had the thought, what would it be like if I actually intentionally added God into every single hour of my day that I was awake? What would that look like, and would it change anything, would it affect how I felt?