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Open Your Heart and Mind Meditation

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
Open Your Heart and Mind Meditation
Welcome to a community of women who strive to Let Him In.

You are listening to episode 9, Open your heart and mind meditation

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day. You will find a new episode uploaded for you here everyday during this 40 day series.

If you have the Hear Him journal and have looked through the beginning pages I am sure you have noticed on page 8 there is a mediation that you can read. 

It was really important to me when creating the journal to include a meditation because some days I just need something that is going to pull my mind into the right spot. Maybe you can relate to having a to do list that won’t stop running in your head, or maybe it’s been an extra hard day with loud and not so happy of kids. I just feel like we all are going to have those days that come that we just need a little bit more help in finding that stillness that helps our minds to be able to focus and be in the best state for our connection prayers. 

You can always just read through that mediation, or if you prefer you can come back to this episode whenever you need to if you would prefer to listen instead. 

I know a lot of times when I listen to podcasts I am either cleaning my house or driving in the car, so you may find yourself in the same situation right now. You are free to listen as you continue doing whatever it is you are doing right now. But if you are able to pause, or stop and close your eyes for a minute. I would suggest doing so right now. 

Go ahead and find yourself in a comfortable position. Close your eyes, and start to take a slow deep breath. 



Finding breath. 

Slowly and intentionally. In and out. 

Allowing the space to be filled with pure connection. 

Finding clarity to hear Him. 

I know He will answer both spoken and unspoken desires of my heart. 

Finding breath. In and out. 

I have the ability to seek God with my entire being. 

His peace is present. 

He will meet me at this moment to bring clarity, with each breath. 

Slowly and intentionally. In and out. 

Each breath in, I am being seen by a loving and divine Savior. 

Each breath out, I am releasing fears and doubts. 



As my connection with God deepens so does my trust in His answers for me. 

I have the divine power to hear Him. 

Slowly and intentionally, in and out. 

Each breath in, I receive love from my Heavenly Parents. 

Each breath out, I am empowered to do His will in His timing.

Start to wiggle your fingers and slowly roll your neck as you begin to bring yourself back to this present moment. Take one more deep breath in as you slowly open your eyes. 

This meditation is super short, but I hope it was able to help calm your mind from racing and bring a stillness that wasn’t there before. 

Today’s Thought is actually a quote from President David O. McKay “We pay too little attention to the value of meditation, a principle of devotion. . . . Meditation is the language of the soul. It is defined as ‘a form of private devotion, or spiritual exercise, consisting in deep, continued reflection on some religious theme.’ Meditation is a form of prayer. . . .

“[It] is one of the most secret, most sacred doors through which we pass into the presence of the Lord.”

Now would be the perfect time to pull out your Hear Him journal and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

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  • Each episode continues to add more insight on how I can connect with God better. I particularly appreciate listening to your calming voice during the meditation portion of the message.


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