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How to encounter God’s presence

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
How to encounter God's presence

You are listening to episode 8, How to encounter God’s Presence

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day. You will find a new episode uploaded for you here everyday during this 40 day series.

Today’s episode topic is so important to me. It really is the whole reason why I started my business Guided and why the journals came about and now this podcast. It all comes back to my journey with finding what I call a connection prayer.

I grew up with the understanding of how to pray, and why we pray and all those kind of things. And honestly I think I kind of felt like I knew all there was to know about prayer- which obviously was really naïve. But I honestly didn’t even really question if there was more. I just used what I knew about prayer and it was enough at the time.

Prayer for me during this phase of life, and really up until only about 3 years ago. I prayed in a yes/no format. What I mean by this, is whenever I had any type of situation that I needed guidance on. Or any questions I wanted answered. I would always phrase my prayers in a way that God could either answer “yes” or “no”.

This really was a great foundation for me, and got me through majority of my life. I felt confident in moving forward with decisions because if it was a “yes” I would feel that really good feeling inside and when it was a “no” I felt an emptiness.

For me it was usually pretty easy to distinguish between the two which is why I think I went so long in my life without questioning or wanting anything more.

So, go back a few years ago… and I felt like I was having to make all of these big decisions for my kids and my family. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety, and just really feeling the weight of the world. I suddenly was not ok with only getting a “yes” or a “no” answer. It really just wasn’t enough anymore.

I wanted sentences from God, I wanted instructions and more guidance. I mean I think about it now and I think how silly the thought was to think that I could only receive a yes or no in response to my prayers. I can’t imagine giving my own kids guidance in only those two words. I feel like I would be busting at the seams just wanting to let out all of these sentences of guidance, and assurance, and love and comfort. And I truly believe that that is how God feels.

I believe that majority of us would say that we want to feel God, we want to be in His presence. But do we realize that God’s presence is only one worship song away, one scripture session away, one prayer away? God doesn’t make it hard for us to be in His presence we just need to seek Him.

It wasn’t until I realized that we need to put ourselves in a position to encounter God, that that’s when the magic of prayer can happen. That’s when God is so present and we are able to have these open and honest amazing conversations. 

There were really 3 different things I changed to help start puttitng myself in a position to encounter God. One, I now had the thought and belief that God really did want to speak to me individually, which led me to giving Him time to do so. It meant that I was looking for Him, it meant that I was doing whatever I could to have the spirit. Second, I went into prayer with an intentional stillness and openness that I just didn’t have before. So that could look like opening with a christ centered meditation, or listening to worship music to get my heart and mind in the right place. Sometimes it honestly just looked like in stillness until I felt like my body and mind were physically calm.

Third, my actual prayers became completely different. Before I was starting out in gratitude, and thanking Heavenly Father, and then kind of moving into asking Him for whatever it was I was needing help with and then kind of closing my prayer.

Now, I usually start by using my connection roller, which is an oil blend that I’ve made of frankincense and bergamot and I just roll it on the palms of my heads and start with a self diffuse. Which is simply cupping your hands over your nose and mouth and breathing in and out. This really is just a continuation of that second step where I am coming to prayer with an intentional stillness and openness. These oils truly help me to calm down, and become centered and present in that exact moment. Then, I usually pull out my Hear Him journal and start writing everything that is on my heart that day. What I am currently thinking about or maybe its what I’m grateful for, sometimes it is more about questions I have. It’s different everyday, and I just write it all down and then I start my prayer out by saying something along the lines of, I am here, I am open and I would love to know what you would want me to hear today.

And then I sit and I have my eyes closed and usually my hands are still cupped over my face, and then sometimes I am given these immediate thoughts and I start writing them down as fast as I can until I don’t have any more thoughts that are coming. And other times I sit in stillness and don’t receive anything other than I love you. Or I see you, or you are my child. 

Depending on what I heard from God that day will determine if I have more questions or more thoughts that I tell Him in return. Or if I end by asking if there is anything more. I never want to leave the space until I know that I have heard everything that He wants me to hear and know that day. 

This way of praying has 100% changed my life. 100%. Which is why I am trying to share it with everyone! I love that God knows what is on my heart, He knows what I am struggling with, or what I am excited about, and He speaks directly to it. I find so much comfort in these moments with God. It has shown how much He knows me over and over and over again. It truly has become this what feels like magic way of knowing how and what to do in my own life.

These prayers have been something that I look forward to. I love, love,  love them. They are special, and unique, and it still amazes me that I can actually have a conversation with God.

Maybe you are in a spot where you are looking for more guidance and direction. Or maybe you just want to be able to feel God’s love for you more frequently. This type of prayer, this connection prayer, as I call it- will do just that. You can do them everyday, or once a week. 

Just remember your three steps to encounter God’s presence. 

  1. Believe that He is there and wants to talk to you, look for Him in your day and stop and give Him time to be able to speak to you. 
  2. Prepare your mind in stillness and intention through scripture study, meditation, or just intentional quiet time.
  3. Enter your prayer giving a small moment of what’s on your heart and then asking God what He wants you to know that day.

If you have never done anything like this, I challenge you to take these 3 steps and spend 5 minutes in each step. Only 15 minutes out of your day, without your phone, without distraction, and allow yourself this experience. 

I also do want to say that I think it is important to remember that God speaks to each one of us differently and so our connection prayers are going to reflect that. You may see more images in your mind than thoughts in your mind. Or maybe God speaks to you in the exact same language you would speak to a friend. Or it might be more scriptural. I have known people to have all different types of experiences. Just go into it with an open mind, and know that He will speak to you in a way that you are going to understand. It is personal and direct for you. 

One of my favorite quotes about speaking with our Heavenly Father is from David O. Mckay and he said- “through worship, meditation, communion, and reverence we may sense the reality of being able to have a close relationship with our Father in Heaven. I bear you my testimony that it is real; that we can commune with our Heavenly Father.”

You have the ability to talk with God. You have the ability and agency to form this relationship that can give you more guidance than anything else. Personal revelation is something that we have been encouraged to discover, learn, and lean on more than ever before. 

President Russel M. Nelson said- “It has never been more imperative to know how the Spirit speaks to you than right now. I renew my plea to do whatever it takes to increase your spiritual capacity to receive personal revelation. Doing so will help you to know how to move ahead with your life, and what to do in times of crisis.”

It’s like having our own personal scripture given to us whenever we need it. There is absolutely no reason in my mind why we shouldn’t all be doing this. We could all feel so much more peace, love, assurance, hope, and guidance than ever before. I truly truly believe that and also believe that we all deserve to have it.

Today’s thought: is to just grab out your Hear Him journal if you have it and make time for a connection prayer today. Really allow yourself to have a conversation with God. Open it up with writing what you are feeling and then simply ask Him what He would have you know today. 

If you don’t yet have a Hear Him journal for yourself, I will link you in the show notes to where you can purchase yours today. 

Leaving you today with hopefully a little more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 



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  • I am learning so much about prayer from you and am grateful I found you. I did give the podcast a 5 star review…
    Thank you for your sweet words about connecting with God.


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