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A podcast devoted to helping women connect with God daily


EPISODE 01-where is our focus?

EPISODE 02- 40 days of growth

Wanting to learn more ways to implement God into your everyday? Striving to hear Him more in your life? Then guess what?! You’re in the right place. This podcast was created to allow you to feel confident in how to Hear God, and that really starts by giving Him the opportunity to be let into your everyday life which is what THIS PODCAST will help you do.

This episode dives into what we may be doing that pulls our focus in the wrong direction. How we can easily fix it,  and then how we can implement a better intentional focus to not miss what God has for us each day.

Listen to this episode to learn why I chose 40 days of straight podcast episodes for you. The significance of the number 40 and how we each have the choice in our own lives to decide whether we want growth for ourselves. 


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the sisterhood


If there is one thing that I have felt over and over again as I have created the Hear Him journal and Let Him in podcast it is this- God wants a strong community of women. A sisterhood. 

We are stronger together, not divided, growing and learning how to better hear Him and let Him into our daily lives together. Sharing our own experiences with others only allows for more growth.

You are meant for this sisterhood.