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Recognizing God’s Voice Part II

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
Recognizing God's Voice Part II

You are listening to episode , Recognizing God’s Voice Part II

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day.

It was extremely dark outside as I was driving to our family ranch. It was just me and my kids in the car and all the usual long car ride teasing and bickering finally came to an end. My kids had just fallen asleep as I was approaching the final mountain pass I would need to drive through.

It was completely black outside and the forest was thick on both sides of the road. I had driven the road several times over the years and was familiar with the surroundings. But this time was different. It was the first time I had personally been driving through this mountain so late at night.

Enjoying the quiet of the car, my thoughts begin to wander and I was thinking about a wide range of topics. I then had a quick thought about how the mountainside is typically filled with wildlife, and it isn’t uncommon to see moose, deer, or other smaller animals.

This thought was one of common sense. I was in a mountain where these animals lived. It was something I KNEW.

As quickly as the thought came, I brushed it aside thinking I was silly to worry about running into wildlife of some sort.

Not more than two minutes later I came around a corner and had to slam on my brakes. A deer was standing halfway in my lane.

I was caught off guard and my heart was racing. A few minutes later after feeling a little more composed, God taught me a lesson. The thoughts that entered my mind went similar to the following.

If it would have been a prompting from me, you would have listened immediately. Why did you doubt what you already knew? You knew this was a mountainside where deer lived. Why did you brush aside the knowledge you had?

I felt like I had just been punched in the gut. It was true. If I would have had an impression by a loving God that I needed to watch out for a deer, I would have immediately been aware. I would have not thought it was silly and brushed it aside. I would have known and obeyed.

But because I knew the thought had come from me, it was easy for me to have self doubt.

What I learned from this night is a lesson that I know I will remember for a really long time. A part of Him lives in each one of us. We are His. He is our creator.

As we go about this earthy life we will all encounter similar situations as the one I did that night. It may not look like a mountainside and a deer. But it may be a conflict with a child, or a decision of a new job. The list could go on and on.

Whatever it is, the lesson is the same. Sometimes we don’t need a prompting from God, simply because we already know what we need to do. There is a part of Him in us, and that part of us already knows.

“We must have faith and know that we are children of light and that through faith in Jesus, our Savior, and obedience to His commandments we may have His Spirit, His light, to be with us to guide us always.”

– Robert D. Hales

“While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. ” John 12:36

The point in me sharing that story with you hopefully illustrates that sometimes we make hearing God’s voice vs. our own thoughts so black and white. And what if it isn’t black and white? What if we could just come to accept that if our thought is good, has good intention, and love behind it that it stems from the source of that which is good, which is  God. Whether it’s actually a thought prompted by Him or whether that thought came through our own mind because He is already a part of each one of us.

Mornoni 7:13 But behold, that which is of God inviteth and enticeth to do agood continually; wherefore, every thing which inviteth and benticeth to do cgood, and to love God, and to serve him, is dinspired of God.

I hope this helps give you some encouragement in realizing that 

 I want to leave you with today’s thought.

The next time when you are questioning whether a thought has come from God, ask yourself these two questions- 

First- how is this thought being stated- Is it using “You” or “I” in the statement.  In my experience God speaks to me using “you” where my own thoughts involve “I”

Second- Is this a thought that is coming from a source of Good? 

Now would be the perfect time to pull out your Hear Him journal and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

I love you guys!

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