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Stopping to listen

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
Stopping to listen

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day.

In yesterday’s episode we chatted about the second page of your daily spread in the Hear Him journal. It probably feels a little backwards but today we are going to chat about the first page of the daily spread. 

This is the page where we really get to record our conversation and impressions that we are receiving from God through what I call connection prayers. This page is formatted super simple and starts out with a little checklist at the top reminding you to create stillness, open your heart and mind, and then to connect with God. 

If you have been here with me these last 12 days of the podcast you know that this is also how I close out each podcast. Reminding you to create that stillness, open your heart and mind and then allow yourself to connect with God. 

I encourage this every episode because these are the small pivot changes in our physical body and the mental mindshift  that I have found to truly make a difference for myself when I am entering into such a sacred space as having a conversation with Heavenly Father. 

So after this little checklist, the next section states Heavenly Father today on my heart… this small section was designed to limit you to not go on and on and on about how you are feeling. But to really be intentional about what you coming to God with that day. 

It can be questions, things you are wanting advice on, a lot of time for me it is just telling Heavenly Father about my morning or day. What my kids are doing, what I am excited or anxious about. It really is just the perfect amount of space to intentionally quote on quote “catch him up with where you are”

The following section is titled- Heavenly father, what do you want me to know today? Before diving into this section I personally use my connection roller at this point, which is an amazing essential oil roller blend made with Frankincense and Bergamot that I use on the palms of my hands and then self diffuse while I take some deep breaths to center myself. 

Once I do feel centered and my mind cleared I typically state that I am open and ready to receive whatever He would like me to know that day. 

Sometimes I receive sentences, which in that case I typically write them in quotations in this section. Other times I get more open thoughts and impressions that are not exact words. In those situations I write down those thoughts but don’t have them in quotations. 

I hope that makes sense. Obviously if you have the Hear Him journal, you do not have to record your conversations in this same way. But I have loved when I go back and read conversations from months ago, what was exactly said to me with EXACT WORDS. Vs. what were thoughts and impressions. And it is so quick and easy to tell the difference for me just by looking whether it is in quotations or not. 

A quote I love by Elder Neal A. Maxwell says, “We are often not only too slow to get on our knees but too quick to rise from them.” 

It’s when we wait patiently after we start our conversation with God that the magic happens, it’s when we give ourselves that moment of using the connection roller to really be present and still that can cause the transformation in our prayers.

President W. Kimball taught, “sometimes ideas flood our mind as we listen after our prayers. Sometimes feelings press upon us.  A spirit of calmness assures us that all will be well.  But always, if we have been honest and earnest in our prayers we will experience a good feeling- a feeling of warmth for our Father in Heaven and a sense of His love for us”

I hope each of you feel exactly that as you finish this page where you record your conversation and impressions from God. That sense of warmth and love that He has for you.

Today’s thought is a quote by Leigh Brown-

“Waiting patiently and attentively after prayer is a small sacrifice to make for the revelation the Lord promises to grant us.”

As always, in the description below I will have linked both the connection roller and hear him journal if you are wanting to add either into your prayer routine.

For those of you that do have the journal, Now would be the perfect time to pull that out and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

Love you guys!

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  • I have such a long ways to go to better communicate with God that is more meaningful. Thank heavens I found you and your guidance to perfect my prayers. I love everything I have learned thus far…now to use the connection roller


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