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Interrupted prayers

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
Interrupted prayers

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day.

Good morning you guys, today I actually had a different topic planned for us to chat about until yesterday when I was nudged nicely by Heavenly Father in a different direction. I am actually really happy to talk about this topic of interrupted prayers, because I think it is a big reality of what actually happens to us in our everyday. 

Especially if you are a mom with young children that are home with you a majority of the day, I think this topic is going to resonate quite a bit with you. 

So yesterday, or really when this podcast goes live it will probably have been a week or so- I woke up and protected my peace right away. If you recall from episode 19 Protecting your Peace, there were 5 things I try to do in the morning right when I wake up to help protect my peace for the day- so if you missed that episode. It is a good one to maybe jump to after you finish listening here. 

Anyways, I had immediately talked with God, I did my deep breathing, hydrated myself and then I decided to take my Hear Him journal outside to do my journaling and gratitude. On my way outside my kids woke up, so I paused what I was doing to be with them. Fighting almost immediately broke out between them. 

And kids were crying, everyone seemed to be getting hurt, it really was one thing after another. I lost my patience, ya know all the really fun good things that you just don’t typically want to see or have happen before 8 AM in your house. Pretty sure we covered it all. 

I finally got them situated or so I thought, and headed to my porch to start on my journal. I wasn’t even two minutes in when my kids came out tattle tailing on each other and the arguing just continued. 

Again, I resolved the issue. Everyone went back inside and I did my best to jump back into my journal when maybe 5 minutes later I was met by my children again letting me know that our dog had just thrown up all over the garage. 

I sat my journal down, closed it. Knowing it was probably going to be awhile before I would be picking it up again. Let me add, I was super frustrated during this whole experience. 

I woke up having great intentions, I immediately started working on protecting my peace, I tried multiple times to connect and have conversation with God to only be interrupted. Yes, I was frustrated. I cleaned up the mess in the garage and tried to pull myself together, and as I was this was when Heavenly Father so nicely nudged me in the direction of this topic today. 

I am so glad He did. Because life isn’t perfect. We are going to be met with opposition, especially when we are doing something that the adversary knows is benefiting us. When He knows that we are strengthening our tools in our toolbelt so to say that are going to allow us to protect ourselves from Him. He is smart. He knows what we are doing and he wants to stop it. 

I love to recognize this and point it out to myself in my mind that when I see opposition come from when I am doing something good, to know where that opposition is coming from. To not let myself get discouraged. Because that is what the adversary wants in the end. He wants us to feel like we failed, or that our effort wasn’t good enough, so why even try. 

Sometimes we try and it just doesn’t go according to plan. But it’s important to walk away knowing two things-

One. God does not mind an interrupted prayer, or journaling practice, or even an interrupted morning of you trying to protect your peace. He is a loving God who knows when you are trying, and sees your effort. 

Two- We need to not be defeated and give up saing, “I tried, oh well” and throw in the towel. But leave the situation with all intention of trying again. Trying to jump back into our prayer, and conversation with Him, or protecting our peace. That trying again might happen in an hour, 8 hours, or maybe it’s’ not until the next day. But, walking away with all intentions on walking back. 

This is when we give ourselves the power over the adversary. This is when you can still walk away feeling connection and peace, and all the things you were wanting and hoping to gain for your day, you can still have it. It just comes down to not letting us feel defeat in these situations. But being proud of what we tried to accomplish, and know that we can always try again later. 

Today’s thought is by Henry B. Eyring- He says, “When you do your part, the Lord adds His power to your efforts.” Just like everything in life, we are never going to be perfect, we are never going to be able to always give 100%, but He is there to always make up the difference. 

Now would be the perfect time to pull out your Hear Him Journal and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

Love you guys!


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  • I really really appreciate your openness with your experiences with prayer. I have learned alit and fully intend to continue listening when I have completed the 40 days.
    Thank you for following the Spirit in creating this work.


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