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Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet

You are listening to episode 31, Titled- Connection

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day.

Good morning you guys, it feels so good to be back. So if you remember clear back to the last episode before I had Evelyn I had given you guys a challenge that I referenced as I need Thee every hour. I gave you the challenge to do something every single hour of the day that brought God into your day. 

It is one of my favorite spontaneous challenges that I’ve implemented before personally. It truly brings an amazing spirit to your day. In that episode I also referenced that I had two more challenges for you.

So today I wanted to dive into that next challenge for you to implement into your day.  Also if you did participate in the last challenge of intentionally adding God into every hour of your day. I would love to hear your experiences, so please come share them with me over on Instagram 

The challenge I have today is centered around the connection roller, with that being said after doing the challenge myself I don’t think you have to have it. Although I do know there are going to be extra benefits by using it with this challenge. 

So, today or tomorrow morning, or whenever you start you are going to want to have your connection roller with you all day. Keep it in your pocket, or on your desk at work. However you can manage to keep it with you. 

Throughout the day I want you to stop and use your roller everytime you feel yourself needing to realign or re-adjust your emotions, attitude or actions. Sounds easy enough right? Pull out your connection roller and use it wherever you feel like you will be able to inhale the oils best. This could be doing a quick self diffuse by applying it on the palms of your hands and then cupping them over your nose and mouth. Or maybe just rolling it behind your ears and down your neck. 

An example of when I pulled out my roller as I did this challenge was when walking into a huge mess from my kids, milk was spilled everywhere, someone had colored on the wall, I stepped on a lego, etc. Pulled out that connection roller.

Other examples could be- You and your spouse are starting to get into a disagreement, your child starts to talk back at you and you have the desire to fight right back, pull out your connection roller. 

Are you getting the idea with this challenge? Now let’s dive into the why. 

Why are we going to continually stop and use it throughout our day? What could this action actually do for us?

So before I actually answer those questions, I want to back up a little bit and explain why this essential oil roller blend is called a connection roller. 

One, the most obvious answer and reason is because it was designed to be used in addition with your Hear Him journal while you are preparing for your what I call connection prayer. So it made sense for the roller used during your connection prayer to be called a connection roller. 

But the answer is deeper than that. This roller is made to not only help you create connection, but remind you and truly remind your brain how you WANT to connect.  It is there to help you connect with God, re-connect with your intuition, connect with your higher self, connect with those around you in the way you actually want to connect with them. It is meant to help connect you to what is important to you. Through repetition of using this alongside connecting with God, or yourself, or with others, your brain will associate your actions, and thoughts with this scent. It is actually pretty amazing how our bodies work that way. 

So if we are training our brains to act a certain way, when smelling this oil, then our actions, emotions, thoughts, etc. need to be what we desire for them to be. Meaning we don’t want to just react in situations, we want to respond. Using the roller gives us the time and the pause we often need to think about how we should respond, how our best self would handle the situation, how our best self would want to act. 

By pulling out our connection roller, it gives us the pause. It gives us the moment we need to align our actions and thoughts to be our best self. It allows the pause we need to be PRESENT in the moment. 

So, if you do not have the connection roller, I’m sure you are wondering how this challenge could still apply to you. 

Well, when I actually did this challenge for myself- I was surprised that just by knowing what my intentions were for that day. My actions and thoughts already started changing without me even having to pull out my connection roller. For example, I would consciously stop myself in situations and know that I needed to pause before I spoke. I would consciously decide to take a few deep breaths so that I could collect myself and allow myself to respond instead of react. 

This actually surprised me. I wasn’t anticipating these changes to happen so quickly in the beginning of my day. And all it took was having the intention of knowing ahead of time that I was going to take this challenge seriously. That I was going to allow my best foot forward. 

Now as the day went on, I did use my connection roller, and reached for it often. Sometimes it was just the reminder that I needed that God is on my side. That He is always there to connect with. That He can always help us when we pause, and allow ourselves to respond and not react. 

So going back to our questions- Why are we going to continually stop and use it throughout our day? What could this action do?

I believe that by stopping and using it throughout the day it helps us to be the best version of ourselves. Simply because we are allowing stillness, pause, and responding in moments where before we would have just reacted. What could this action do? I can tell you from my experience, that it made for a much better day. A day where I felt the spirit more as I strived to be the best version of myself. It was a day where more reverence was felt. Which in turn brings the opportunity for more revelation. 

Reverence truly does create opportunity for revelation. 

I hope you will try implementing this challenge and if you do have the roller please use it with this challenge, the essential oils in this blend are specifically chosen for the benefits that they can bring to you. Which is peace, becoming more grounded, and joy. 

If you want to snag a connection roller to add to your prayer life and really just everyday life, it is linked for you in the description below.

Today’s thought comes from a talk by Elder Marvin J. Ashton

“Years ago while I was walking with a wise friend of mine, we passed one of his neighbors as he stood in the front yard of his home. My friend greeted the man with, “How are you, Bill? It’s good to see you.” To this greeting, Bill didn’t even look up. He didn’t even respond.

“He is an old grouch today, isn’t he?” I snapped.

“Oh, he is always that way,” my friend responded.

“Then why are you so friendly to him?” I asked.

“Why not?” responded my mature friend. “Why should I let him decide how I am going to act?”

I hope I will never forget the lesson of that evening. The important word was “act.” My friend acted toward people. Most of us react.”

Now would be the perfect time to pull out your Hear Him Journal and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

Love you guys!


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