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Your efforts magnified 

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
Your efforts magnified 

You are listening to episode 39, Titled- Your efforts magnified 

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day.

What I want to talk about today is something that is very important to me in teaching others, solely because as I started Guided and was creating that business I was prompted and taught a few different specific topics or themes of thought that I knew God wanted me to teach the women I came into contact with. One of those lessons is what I want to touch on today. And that is that our effort is seen by God and He can magnify it tenfold.

In the day and age that we are living in it is so convenient and easy for us to see what everyone else is doing. Especially what everyone else is succeeding at. It can be easy to get caught up in that comparison game. It can be easy to feel like we aren’t doing enough, and the adversary knows this. He knows that this is an easy tool to pull out of his toolbelt and use to make us doubt our own efforts.

Sometimes, I feel like we don’t even need anyone else to compare ourselves too. I know that for myself a lot of my comparison comes from me simply comparing myself to myself. Me now versus me 5 years ago. Or me 5 days ago. It is easy to feel like if I have done it before then I should be able to continue to do it now. 

Whether that be waking up early, or reading my scriptures daily, journaling, going to the temple, exercising, making homemade meals, sending home lunches to school, organizing play dates. You get the idea. If I have been able to do any of these things successfully at some point, I should be able to always do it successfully right?

Even just saying that out loud makes it sound so ridiculous. Why would we set those types of expectations on ourselves? We go through different seasons of life. And those different seasons allow us to eb and flow with what we have the capacity to do. Our 100% effort some days may look like an early morning where by 8 AM you have already read your scriptures, wrote in your journal, prayed, worked out and have had a healthy breakfast. But other days 100% effort looks like you getting out of bed. 

God truly knows when you are giving 100% effort even when our days stacked next to each other do not look anywhere near the same. Does that make sense?

In the New Testament we read about the amazing miracle that Christ performs when feeding the 5000. He had 5 barley loaves and 2 small fishes. This is the very most that could be provided. Was God worried that it wasn’t enough? No, because He knew that was truly all there was and He was able to make it enough. 

Why would it be any different today in our lives? Why would He not take our efforts and then maximize them? I don’t think there is any reason why not.

Today’s thought: I would suggest making time today to ask Heavenly Father what He thinks of you. What He thinks of your efforts. Unlike Satan who tries to discourage God is there to lovingly correct and love us. 

Now would be the perfect time to pull out your Hear Him Journal and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

Love you guys!


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