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Mundane Moments with God

Kelsie Millet
Kelsie Millet
Mundane Moments with God

You are listening to episode 32, Titled- Mundane moments with God

Hey you guys! This is Kelsie Millet and I am your host here on the Let Him In Podcast, where 

my intent is to have these episodes full of thoughts, impressions and ways for you to easily let God into your every day.

We are on to our third and final daily challenge. If you missed the previous two challenges you can listen to them in episodes 27 and 31. Today’s challenge is something I used to intentionally do every week. You might remember me sharing Mundane Moments on Instagram over 

We all have tasks that we do everyday. Laundry, loading and unloading the dishwasher, cooking, showering, driving carpool, etc. All of these can seem mundane in our day. The challenge is taking one of these mundane moments and turning it into a moment with God. Intentionally choose that time to connect to God. 

Pray to Him every time you are driving to go pick your kids up from school. Tell God something you are thankful for everytime you fold an item of clothing out of the laundry. Anytime you go into your bedroom tell yourself to pause and say a prayer. It can look a million different ways. Which is why I think I absolutely loved this challenge. I encourage you to pick something and then do it for a whole week. 

When I was doing this challenge, I loved knowing exactly when I was going to connect with God, and I would look forward to it. It also was really easy to keep consistent because this new practice was connected to something I already was doing everyday. 

I truly believe God can whisper into our hearts and minds to help us get us where He wants us to be. So trust your initial gut instinct of how you should incorporate this challenge into your life. God is always trying to teach us in small moment’s. It’s if we give Him the opportunity to do so. 

Today’s thought is from an article by Marissa Widdison, The power of quiet moments

I used to be baffled by the seeming contradiction of two scriptures. Doctrine and Covenants 101:16 tells us to “be still,” and yet Doctrine and Covenants 58:27 says we “should be anxiously engaged” in work. Now I realize these verses go hand in hand. As we practice quiet moments and invite stillness and inspiration, we create space where we can recognize truths about ourselves and others—including our Heavenly Father and the Savior. I believe They are constantly sending us messages of encouragement and direction, and quiet moments can help us receive that communication. It is our relationship with Them that gives meaning to our actions and enables us to complete our life’s work.

So, please, give this mundane moments challenge a try! Pause, notice what is real, and let your thoughts and feelings come and go. Try to make room in your heart and mind for the Spirit. I hope that in these quiet moments, you know that you are loved.

Now would be the perfect time to pull out your Hear Him Journal and continue in more stillness, an open mind and a desire to connect with God. 

Love you guys!


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