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Imperfect Journal

These journals have small imperfections or damage as pictured in photo 2-5 . These journals are FINAL SALE.

As you dive into the Hear Him journal you will be walked through and guided on how to have intimate conversations with God. These personal revelations will help bring you a sense of peace that cannot be found on this earth and only through Him our creator. 

This journal was designed in a way that it is perfect for those just starting out on their prayer journey or for those looking for more depth in their prayer life. Wherever you fit on that scale, this journal will be a great tool for you. Allowing you to become closer to God by intimate personal experiences that will come through this journal.

We know this beautiful journal will become personal scripture to you and a keepsake you will want to hold onto for a lifetime.




The inside

– record your personal update and feelings you want to share with God that day

– record the impressions and thoughts He brings to your mind and heart

– space to plan how you will implement what impressions you receive

– write your daily gratitude

– build “I am” affirmations based off of your conversation and revelations that day.

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Sage, Wheat, Feather, Dusk, Leather

Imperfect Journal