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Not knowing HOW to hear God SHOULDN’T be what’s holding you back from personal direction and clarity.

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"I’m constantly inspired how to connect with Him, hear Him, and build a solid friendship with Him. My heart is filled with gratitude for this incredible community of women."
Ashley T.
"The connection oil roller is something I didn’t add on in the beginning, and I wish I had. Once I was consistent with using it before my prayers, I could use it and so easily get to a place of peace and calm."
Jenessa K.
"These journals are the best thing I recommend them to everyone. I love the open-ended prayer. The oils. The whole package makes these journals worth it all. I cannot wait for the new journals to come."
Dani N.

Hear Him Journal

The inside...

HOW you’ll communicate with God

1-2 pg.  Why Hear Him?
My personal experience with why I wanted more from my
prayers. How I learned to hear God, and how you can too.
3-4 pg.  The Basics- to Hear Him
A step-by-step on what to do to get the most from your
5-6 pg.  The Podcast- to Let Him In
A podcast series made just for this journal. Let Him In will
provide you with ways to feel God more in your daily life.
7-8pg.  Open Your Heart and Mind Mediation
This meditation is there for days that you need or want to
add a little more stillness.
9 – 10pg.  Sample Daily Pages
These sample pages will give you an idea of what your daily
pages could look like.
11-190pg.  Daily Pages
Enjoy these pages to record your mini revelations and how
to apply them into your daily life