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4 benefits you will gain from using our prayer journal…

There are way more than 4 benefits that you could gain from using our journal on a regular basis. But these are the 4 that I believe are the most transformative. These benefits are what will make your life change for the better. They will be what will make you never want to miss an opportunity to hear Him ever again.

  1. A closer relationship with your Heavenly Father. 

  2. The ability to learn how to Hear God. 

  3. Learn how to more intentionally bring God into your everyday life. 

  4. Be able to walk away from prayers knowing exactly what God wanted you to hear and know that day. 

Trust in your gut. And if your gut is telling you this journal is a good fit for you, lean into that. I believe that the Holy Ghost will nudge you in the right direction to make the next step in what is best for you to grow closer to our Savior and God.  

Hear Him Launch Photo Shoot

Hear Him Journal...

Hear Him Launch Photo Shoot

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